Since 2005, our company has brought a revolution in communication between airports, airlines, and passengers via the unified information platform that processes real-time data provided directly by operators or various data sources and passes it on to passengers using audio messages, displays, LED panels, information booths, mobile phones, websites, social media networks, and other communication channels. No fuss, no bother. Just clear communication, direct to your passengers.

While we believe we offer the very best and unique value through our content management systems, you would be justified in asking what makes us unique. There are two main reasons why our platform is like no other:

We offer the only fully unified all-in-one content management system - with the touch of a button, you can inform passengers via voice, display, booths, and direct onto their mobile phones instantly, accurately, and simultaneously.

Our software integrates seamlessly with your existing hardware – there is no need for expensive hardware upgrades when you choose Simpleway. While we do work closely with some of the biggest and best-known hardware providers, our software is completely hardware neutral. This means that the Simpleway platform will integrate with virtually any hardware on the market, including your existing installations.

Key highlights of our solution:

  • Multi system – open for cooperation with third party systems,
  • Independent of end devices,
  • Comprehensive content administration tools,
  • Targeted passenger communication via various communication channels,
  • Real-scenario driven information analysis,
  • Configurable automation using Simpleway Business Rules engine,
  • Voice libraries in more than 40 languages,
  • Open API for data provision,
  • Commercial advertisement space to reduce the operational costs,
  • Compliant with ADA, EU regulations for passengers with disabilities.

Take a look below at the products and solutions that we offer to our airport customers or talk to one of our consultants. We are always delighted to hear from you.




Boarding & Arrival Process Automation

By using our unique, fully unified solution, your airport will be able to automate the entire passenger boarding and arrival process.

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Flight Information Display System (FIDS)

Explore our advanced FIDS Content management platform to present most up-to-date travel information to all passengers.

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Operational Announcements

Make regular and ad-hoc operational announcements at your airport thanks to the wide variety of options that our solution offers.

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Irregular Operations Automation

When your airport runs into an irregular operations mode, we can help to inform passengers quickly and accurately.

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Airfield Inspections & Operations Automation

Streamline mandatory airfield inspections and make your airport more safe with our latest technological AI tools.

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Passenger Flow Management

Optimize your resources and passenger waiting times by using our solution to automatically manage queues at the airport.

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Interactive Airport Signage

Let your passengers access all airport-related information in a personalized and interactive way, all at their fingertips.

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Dynamic Wayfinding Signage

With dynamic wayfinding signage, your airport can provide all passengers ever-changing, relevant and tailored content.

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Commercial Signage

We can help you generate revenue from your airport's display system without the need to employ expensive third parties software.

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Multimodal Solution

Give your passengers real-time information on the next leg of their journey during the whole airport arrival process.

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