Dynamic Wayfinding Signage

Static signs are fine, but with dynamic wayfinding signage, you open up a whole new world. Instead of a static sign’s permanently fixed arrow, imagine being able to give your customers ever-changing, relevant and tailored content.

Perhaps a flight from Prague is disembarking. Your dynamic wayfinding signage can direct passengers through the whole arrivals and baggage claim process, and all in multiple languages. Moreover, you can tell arrivees so much useful information, for example about local weather conditions, direct them to shops with special offers, inform them where the toilets are, give them directions to taxi stands or bus connections, calculate walking times or inform them of special events.

You can do all of this with any type of graphic content thanks to our Content management system and powerful content creation tools. We would be also happy to prepare such dynamic content for you as part of our consulting and delivery services.

All you will need to do is tell us what you expect and we will link to and integrate with the relevant data sources for a fully automated, hassle-free operation.

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