Disruption Management

Whilst our system works perfectly giving up-to-the-second, accurate travel information automatically via voice and display, we also know that disruptions can occur. But we’ve got that covered too, and have made it quick and easy for your operators to inform passengers of cancellations or service changes.

As our clients across the world will tell you, we always work closely alongside our customers right from the outset to understand their processes. Our promise to you is that we will always respect your operational processes, rather than foist ours upon you. This means that during the design phase of the project we start to tailor our solution that is perfect for you and fully understands your network. By doing so and thanks to the communication channels interconnection, we can ensure a simplification of interoperability between operations and passengers.

So, when disruptions occur, it is an easy job for your operators to inform passengers about the current situation in your network. They simply update the data in the system which service or line is disrupted, what (or if) the replacement service is and from where they can get it. They can add different reasons of disruptions and schedule their duration, for example in the case of planned infrastructure maintenance. Our system is also capable to integrate and receive the network status updates from the external scheduling or dispatching systems.

Our system then according to the predefined business rules triggers messages to be announced via voice and/or displays in any language you prefer at relevant stations, on-board your vehicles and even on your website or social media feeds. All of this quickly and automatically from one custom-built graphical user interface.

There will also be times when you need to make unexpected announcements. We can do this either with live call via a paging station or with inbuilt text-to-speech feature with a high-quality output – whichever option suits you best.

Our consultatns would love to tell you more about the whole Disruption management solution and discuss case studies which we have prepared together with our partners. Just get in touch and we can give you the full ins and outs. 

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