Irregular Operations Automation

While you have your operations running like a well-oiled machine, you will also know that things can, and do, go wrong.

The term ‘irregular operations’ can cover a multitude of scenarios but, regardless of event, one thing is clear when you go into irregular operations mode: communicating with passengers quickly and accurately is vital. This is where Simpleway’s unified solution really comes into its own.

While our system is brilliant during normal operations, its ability to give information instantly and simultaneously across multiple platforms – voice, display, kiosk and mobile – is invaluable during emergency situations.

Consider a sudden evacuation scenario: it is a high-pressured situation and, if you are not precise, confusion and chaos can reign. With the selection of predefined scenario and click of one button in a dedicated operation's user interface, the Simpleway system can immediately inform passengers that they need to evacuate an entire terminal or a specific zone of the airport.

Automated voice announcements will play in whichever languages you choose, flight information displays will show a special predefined content to passengers that they need to clear a certain area, kiosks will do the same, as will our mobile communications. And all of this will be simultaneous, fully automatic and in compliance with all of the industry standard safety norms thanks to the excellent system integration.

Of course, we can take it one step further. For example, because our FIDS software can display any graphical content, you could play evacuation video content with sign language on your displays or even video walls, we can utilise those too. Your kiosks can turn into wayfinding maps, showing the nearest evacuation point, as well as messaging on the airport's website or social media.

As always, we can configure all of this to exactly how you need it and we can pre-load and preprogramme everything. This will mean that when your irregular operations unexpectedly kick in, you are absolutely on top of your mass communications. You can reach multiple channels instantly, consistently and simultaneously with a couple of clicks.

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