Commercial Signage

Whether you have huge video walls or multiple smaller displays, we can help you bring these to life and create new revenue streams, all from your existing screens, no matter who your hardware provider is.

With our Advertising Campaign Management module, there’s no need to employ expensive third party software. Instead, you can control your own screens yourself, easily and with full campaign reporting.

You can choose to have your screens as full commercial spaces, or just use a portion for advertising. You can easily define rules for when a particular screen will display passenger information, and situations triggering the display of revenue-generating commercial messages. You can also use our system for internal advertising purposes, such as season ticket renewal deadlines, or to give travel tips.

Of course, our system can run different advertising campaigns in different areas of the station, or targetted at specific platforms or whole lines. Everything can be designed and controlled from the graphical user interface of our content management system. You can even integrate our system with external advertising companies and their CMS platforms. 

As with everything we do at Simpleway, flexibility is in-built into our software and can be tailored to exactly what you need. And do not forget, all of this comes in one hardware-neutral package, so there’s no need for expensive new hardware installs. Quite the opposite in fact. Use your existing hardware, but create new revenues, easily and efficiently.

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