Boarding & Arrival Process Automation

Give yourself superpowers by partnering with Simpleway. By using our unique, fully unified solution, you will be able to automate the entire passenger boarding and arrival process.

We can give you automated voice announcements and display information management, and all at the same time, for standard pre-boarding, boarding, last call or delay messages, supported by many special features such as safety messages, commercial content or even missing passenger calls. We can handle the arriving process as well by including the baggage claim, connections or passport control audio and visual information. And we can do that for all areas or only selected zones of your airport.

Of course, we can also offer all of that in more than 40 languages with our renowned voice libraries and system localisations, including sign language and visual paging together with other accesibility technologies for those with impaired hearing.

We can help you organise boarding and deboarding with pre-recorded announcements, and because Simpleway handles both voice and display, we can do it all simultaneously and automatically thanks to the integration with the AODB and other airport's data sources. Your staff can also operate the system manually through our cusomized operation's user interfaces or Simpleway Paging station which are designed to support and simplify many of their manual day-to-day tasks.

And because Simpleway’s software is incredibly flexible, you can also give additional content on your displays using our content management platform or add generic information and messages which can also be triggered manually or using the scheduling features of the system.

FInally, our system components can be seamlessly integrated with existing public address, display, kiosk or other hardware – there is no need for expensive hardware upgrades. While we do work closely with some of the biggest and best-known hardware providers, our software is completely hardware neutral. This means that we have a lot of experience with system integration of our platform with virtually any hardware on the market, including your existing installations.

Whatever your needs, we can tailor our solution to suit you. Just let us know exactly what you need and we will consult and deliver a perfect package, designed just for you.

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