Voice Announcements Management System

Imagine having the ability to have voice announcements played – automatically and dynamically – in any language of your choosing across your station or public transport network including vehicles. That’s what we offer.

Because our software integrates directly with various data sources, such as scheduling or vehicle GPS systems, there is no chance of human-error miscommunications. Instead you get perfectly clear, fully automated announcements using our renowned voice library.

It’s also worth mentioning how easily our announcements can be tweaked to allow for different branding and operation processes for the carriers which use operate in your network. This means you will be giving passengers the very best experience whilst also being able to offer your clients a content they will truly value.

And, unlike other systems, our system integrates with your existing public address hardware, meaning there’s no need for expensive new hardware installs. Our system can be integrated into all common PA systems, such as Q-sys, Bosch, Ateis, BiAmp, or Honeywell.

While we believe we have the best voice announcement system around, as you’d imagine, it fits beautifully with our wider system. Employ the entire system and you could be giving information via voice, display and other communication channels directly to passengers, instantly and simultaneously.

Core Functionality

Simpleway’s voice announcement system translates your data into dynamic, naturally sounding voice announcements with different possibilities of their generation. During the design phase, Simpleway consultants together with a customer assess all necessary requirements and identify which solution is optimal for each operation process and use case.

The first option is the pre-recorded announcements prepared in a professional studio with our or customer’s voice talents. Our experts prepare all necessary voice library components to match the requirements for any required language. Each voice library consists of folders with custom-made recordings of individual segments as well as recordings of variables (numbers, time, stops, etc.). Our automated voice announcements management system later composes these recording into pre-defined announcements according to the automated or manual triggers. Even though announcements are constructed from several segments, our methodology of creating the voice library ensures that announcements still sound natural and without any disturbing noises or pauses.

Second way to create voice content is by using advanced Text-to-speech engines. Our system can generate both automatic and ad-hoc messages using Amazon, Google or Acapela engines, all of them provide a high-quality output.

Beautifully delivered announcements with perfectly accurate information are always our top priority. To support the passenger information flow during the day-to-day operation, our system offers an intuitive graphical user interface with fully automated, manual, or scheduled operations. Our application can see a daily schedule of all services, for which can operators trigger standard operational announcements, such as arrival, departure, delay, platform change or cancellation announcements as well as general safety and commercial announcements. Consider also the extension to your display system to show the voice announcement textual representation for the hearing impaired passengers - vsual paging.

Finally, system operators can also perform live calls directly from the user interface thanks to the integration with the PA hardware or via our paging station.

Voice Libraries

We record all our own announcements in professional recording studios, using professional, native voice talents and a dedicated team of sound engineers and certified translators. The voice talents are contracted for long term to ensure they are available for any updates to the voice library. Moreover, customer has the choice to use the internal Simpleway’s voice talents as well as define its own (current or brand new).

Our voice database currently contains more than 40 different languages, including International sign language, but can add whichever language you need to inform your customers from different parts of the world. Not only do we offer major languages such as English, Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, French and Russian, but we also have experience with niche languages such as Samoan, Tongan, Fijian Hindi or Bislama. Check the voice announcement samples of the most common languages in the upper part of this page.

Whichever language you need, we can supply it, and all with a sparklingly quick turnaround – from order to delivery, we can source, audition, record and deliver a new language within few weeks.

Background Music Module

Want to play a background music at your stations? Not a problem, we already do this. 

Background music channels can be linked to any audio source, including MP3 playlist or FM radio, which are then played automatically. You can also decide which source to play in which zone of your station, and at what volume directly from our system’s user interface. We also support the global silence mode because, for some, silence is golden.

Prayer Call Module

The prayer call module is an extension to our core announcement scheduler, and one which your Muslim travellers will thank you for.

The prayer call is automatically scheduled for multiple times during the day based on local religious practices and location of your stations. You can assign each prayer call with a different priority, and also choose to have visual paging to the display system. As always with Simpleway, we are absolutely flexible and put you in complete control.

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