While Simpleway’s software was originally developed to revolutionise the travel industry – making airport operations more efficient and improving the travel experience for passengers – it soon became clear that our products weren’t just perfect for airports, they were perfect for the entire travel and ground transportation sectors too.

But the capability of our software isn’t confined to travel. Increasingly, the large office buildings or logisthics sector sectors are talking to us to help them streamline their operations.

And if you belong to an organisation that needs to clearly communicate with a large number of people efficiently and effectively, and with the minimum of fuss, our software can be easily customised specifically for you. And remember, for pre-recorded announcements, we can offer a voice library with over 40 languages, including accessibility features.

Whatever your needs, if you need to communicate with people quickly and efficiently, we can offer customised software that is perfect for you. Get in touch with us, and consider the following potential uses:

Commercial Digital Signage

Whether you have huge video walls or multiple smaller screens, we can help you generate revenue from these. With our Advertising Campaigns Management module, there’s no need to employ expensive third parties, you can control your own screens yourself, easily and with full reporting. You can even have these screens as commercial spaces during regular operations and have them switch to information signage during emergency operations. As with everything we do at Simpleway, flexibility is in-built into our software and can be tailored to exactly what you need.

Campus and Office Building Communications

While the term campus suggests educational establishments, our software can help not just universities, but also large corporations with offices, or campuses, across the globe. Imagine having the ability to play automated announcements, simultaneously, to all staff across the world. Or maybe you want to play a video from the CEO on all your screens across the globe, centrally, at the click of a button. We can help you with that.

Logistics and Warehousing

Warehousing and logistics is all about getting the right stuff to the right destinations, and all with absolute accuracy and minimum fuss. That’s what we do. Perhaps automatically triggered voice announcements could ready your staff for an incoming truck? Or perhaps our smart wayfinding solutions could automatically direct an incoming truck to the correct loading bay. We are experts in gathering various live data inputs and automating appropriate voice or visual announcements, meaning we can ensure you get the right staff to the right bay and the right truck. We can even integrate your sorting systems and conveyor belt assignments. Throw in the fact that we can use these same systems for emergency and evacuation announcements, and you can see that with our system, you’ll be looking after your business as well as your staff.

Sport Stadiums

As the final whistle blows, or a concert ends, thousands of people stream from stadia. We can help you give your customers information on nearby transport, including departure times and walking times, you can direct them out of specific gates, you can give them information on other sporting results, you can even give them details of upcoming games or concerts (and ticket availability).


Hospitals can be large and difficult to navigate, particularly for those whose thoughts might be elsewhere. Perhaps you could benefit from our dynamic wayfinding signage. Or maybe our interactive, touchscreen signage would suit you? We can even offer announcements played separately for each hospital department, possibly also in sign language. And remember, you can always add advertising campaigns to your screens to help offset any initial costs.

Emergency Communications

Without clear communication, emergency situations can be catastrophic. Give yourself an advantage and consider your emergency communications now. Our emergency communication system, tailored specifically for your needs, could be used in hospitals, campuses or across entire towns or cities.

The Military and Police

Is there a more clear example of where hundreds or thousands of people, spread out over large geographical areas, need to have clear, concise instructions, and all simultaneously? We can do that, visually as well as with audio.

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