Thanks to our extensive, global experience in the transportation industry, Simpleway experts can identify and solve any problematic areas of your public transport operational processes. Intelligible, customized, and bang up-to-the-second travel information is essential for hassle-free operations, and ensures that your customers have a pleasant travel experience.

To achieve this, Simpleway’s teams of business consultants and solution designers offer a wide range of professional services suitable for any stage of your project. Our aim is to always dramatically improve the operation staff’s effectiveness and improve the end-to-end passenger experience. We’re always happy to talk. Get in touch with us, and let’s discuss how we can help you.


At Simpleway, we have been delivering public transportation solutions to our worldwide customers for more than 15 years. We can offer unique ideas or out-of-the-box solutions to solve all your business needs and public transportation problems.

Our team can help you at any stage of your project, from the tender process right through to solution design and delivery optimisation.

We would be happy to consult on any challenges that your company faces, such as how to:

  • Manage traffic disruptions.
  • Optimise operational processes.
  • Streamline passenger flow.
  • Provide real-time travel information.
  • Effectively upgrade your hardware.
  • Design complete system integration. 

By working alongside us, we can help you significantly improve your resource efficiency and help you give your passengers an exceptional service.

System Integration

As a system integrator, Simpleway takes responsibility for delivering end-to-end solutions, based on your business requirements and the perfect products for your needs. Special attention is paid to:

  • Obeying all constraints set out by the customer.
  • Applying industry best practices and knowledge from our other global projects.
  • Implementing up-to-the-minute solutions with proven long-term reliability.

In addition to our consulting service, Simpleway can stand as a system integrator for the following work packages throughout the solution's whole lifecycle:

  • Technical and operational requirement analysis.
  • Design preparation and solution composition.
  • Hardware and software delivery and configuration.
  • Customer acceptance process control.
  • Training and documentation delivery.
  • Support and warranty process management.

Simpleway can lead the role of system integrator within a specific project. We’re equally happy to be part of bigger group with local partners for project delivery. Whatever your needs, we are flexible.

Custom Development

Simpleway in-house software development team is made up of dedicated professionals with extensive experience from different areas of IT development. This ensures the best possible results when solving your company's specific needs.

Our team of skilled developers and solution designers can prepare a complete solution, according to your specific needs. We can offer either a customised version of our current software or create a whole new solution as a greenfield project.

We provide all of the licenses for use and further development of software, and we guarantee you freedom in your future business relationships. The same applies for our open APIs that provide access to our systems, third party systems, and other consumer data.

Project Management

Project management methodology based on PMI standards is established at Simpleway to ensure the quality of deliveries of our projects from A to Z. The project fulfillment in terms of the scope, time, and budget (OTIFOB goal) as well as maximization of business value primarily for the customer is vital for us.

Our project managers, certified by PRINCE 2 and at the professional level, handle every project with the expertise expected for business-critical projects implementing or enhancing the digital communication with passengers as well as internal operational communication.

Specifically, within the implementation phase, software development methodology based on theISO/IEC 12207 standard and Simpleway internal Content creation methodology is applied. For support services, an Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) methodology including Incident, Change, Release, SLA, and other ITILv3 processes are used.

By embracing all of these standards, together with our enthusiasm for public transport, we guarantee our customers the highest standards as well as project fulfilment. We will handle every project with the expertise you would expect for business-critical projects. 


To provide successful delivery, Simpleway works closely with its customer and their partners throughout the entire project. During the project design, Simpleway business consultants become familiar with the operational processes to prepare perfectly tailored software that precisely fits the operator’s needs.

Our solution architects will constantly verify the design with the customer to ensure successful implementation deployment. Our deployment team can then install the deliverables either on-site, remotely from one of our offices, or a combination of both.

Thanks to the adoption of high quality management measures through the entire implementation process, including our internal quality assurance principles, we can guarantee outstanding reliability of the delivered solutions. A thorough internal testing process is adopted within the project implementation, and integration tests are also an essential part of the deployment process. Upon agreement, the customer is involved in the factory and site-acceptance testing. Our experts can also manage a temporary rollback of the installed solution to secure a seamless operation of the previously installed hardware and software.

Risk management also plays an important role in the successful implementation. The Simpleway delivery team uses a sophisticated analytical tool to identify risks during the project design phase and prepares ways on how to control them during and after deployment. In case some risk emerges, a predefined escalation process is activated to secure the mitigation of impacts in the shortest possible time.


For all of our clients, we can organise tailor-made training, either on-site or remotely, using the actual software and hardware that your staff will use. During the training, Simpleway’s fully qualified and experienced trainers will introduce and explain the installed system and its design, as well as the various features available, and give hands-on experience of the user interfaces that operational staff will encounter during their daily work.

Training usually includes classroom instruction as well as on-the-job training, and usually over several sessions. The combination of both training methods ensures that staff completely understand the system and have absolute confidence in their ability to use it. Another part is the expert training for all of the required personnel, which will administrate the installed solution after its deployment.

Proactive Monitoring

Our 24/7 Proactive Monitoring service helps us spot any potential issues before they arise.

Simpleway’s monitoring service is usually connected directly to the server, meaning it provides data on the status of hardware and software in real-time without any delay.

In case of unexpected issues, a system of in-built alerts is activated to ensure a quick reaction to mitigate any potential impacts. The Simpleway support team, together with an on-site support team, can then solve any issues quickly to secure the smooth functioning of all the system components.

Our Proactive Monitoring service can also integrate our customer's other third-party resource management systems and amalgamate all retrieved data for future troubleshooting and complex reporting.

Support & Maintenance

We strive to build long-term relationships, so our involvement does not end with the installation of our software. We offer an extensive range of services to ensure a continual flawless operation of the Simpleway solution, such as:

  • Application support, based on the service level agreement.
  • Voice library updates.
  • Cloud backup.
  • Proactive Monitoring service.
  • Reporting.
  • Software updates.
  • And much more…

Application support consisting of incident management, change management, release management, service level management, and others is based on the ITIL® v. 3 methodology. The entire support team, which is ITIL® leadership certified, is ready to help any customer in the world with 24/7 availability.

Thanks to our Proactive Monitoring service, we can set up an automated service that delivers vital information to the Simpleway support team for the further analysis of malfunctioned hardware or software. This helps us troubleshoot any possible issues promptly and efficiently, and often before any issues even arise.

During the project, we continuously collect feedback from our customers. Based on the obtained information, Simpleway plans the maintenance road map and prepares patches and fixes that will help our customers to improve the system capabilities.

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