Kochi Metro

This is a new metro system serving the city of Kochi in India, with 23 stations on the first line. The system is built on a distributed architecture with servers in every station and a main server in the Control Center in a virtual environment.

The system is integrated with Alstom TC&S system for receiving localised data for every train in stations. Moreover, more than 100 DMS Displays LED matrix panels and LCD displays for providing the visual information about real-time status of the trains departing from each station and together with a visual paging possibility.

The Simpleway system is also integrated to the Bosch Praesidio Public Address infrastructure to provide Automated Voice Announcements in three languages - English, Hindi and Malayalam. Simpleway is also responsible for the live audio distribution between stations, as well as security recordings of all announcements in the metro network.

Today Kochi Metro Rail has centralised control of passenger communication via display and audio/voice channels from the Operations Control Center and Station Control Room and fully integrated PIDS and PA system with a possibility of an easy expansion in the future.