Belo Horizonte International Airport (CNF)

Simpleway provides a system that allowed to create a “Quiet Airport” environment. The only scheduled announcements playing in the terminal are government-provided messages, in both English and Portuguese.

In addition to scheduled announcements, Simpleway provides live announcements through the Harman DT-715 paging station at 20 gate locations as well as from the central operations center . The paging station allows airport staff to make live zone-based boarding and generic announcements. The paging station provides easy zone-busy alerts. Adjacent zoning also aids in the ability to control the noise from neighboring gates so that passengers have a clear understanding of the information being delivered to the local gate area.

Simpleway improved the quality of announcements throughout the terminal. Passengers are able to easily understand when flights are boarding without the interruption from adjacent gates.

In addition to the improvement in audio clarity, Simpleway provided a method to allow airport operations to communicate the mandated announcements to all passengers, ensuring the government has an opportunity to reach all people traveling to or from the city.