Dubai International Airport (DXB)

Simpleway provides a unified passenger information solution for Dubai International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world.

Using an Automated Boarding Lounge Announcement system, we deliver all the announcements for the boarding lounges in 25 languages, including boarding by zones or groups, as well as being able to give airline-specific announcements

Our system also supports the ground handling agents by explaining and then running boarding of all planes, including Airbus A380, in languages tailored to passengers, but which ground handlers do not speak. This is a huge benefit for such a large airport, with millions of passengers unable to speak Arabic or English.

Our Gate Operator User Interface client is installed at each of the 168 gates for the operational support providing the operators the ability to choose the airline and have a customised pre-recorded announcements for each stage of the boarding process.

As a data input, the Simpleway system reads multiple data feeds from the Airport Operational Database (AODB) and combines the data for correct flight allocation for the gates, as well as reading the status of flights.

The most significant benefits of the project include improvement of travel experience among all passengers, more efficient boarding processes and increased availability of gate agents to assist passengers,.