Wellington Main Railway Station

With an obsolete Public Address System and Passenger Information Display System, Wellington’s main railway station needed up-to-date technologies supporting the synchronisation of voice and display announcements. Simpleway were called in and provided this, as well as giving visually impaired passengers announcements to personal mobile devices within the main station.

With a flexible user interface, we could support existing business processes (including planned and unplanned disruptions) and crowd management for events at the nearby 34,500-capacity Wellington Regional Stadium, used for sporting events and concerts.

Flexible voice announcements were recorded with the Simpleway voice talents and distributed on the QSC PA technology. These are triggered either automatically (according to pre-defined rules) or operators have the option to manually play announcements from the control center user interface.

Information distributed by voice announcements are in sync with Daktronics LED panels and LCD/FTF displays by Hyundai.

The display content can also automatically adapt to situations, such as when an event finishes at the stadium. In this situation, displays at the stadium entrance show relevant content automatically. Of course, operation personnel also have the right to override any content manually or add further information.

Our commercial display content module is also implemented here to monetise idle screens and bring in extra revenue for the station.

Wellington also chose to include our Disruption module, which allows operators a host of functions to keep passengers informed when there are unplanned disruptions affecting regular schedules.

It is also worth highlighting that for this client we provided a custom-built Event module. Because the railway station is adjacent to a major sporting arena, the client wanted the ability to specify exactly which games were being played (and times), and also the perfect access or exit ramps for finding/leaving the event.

In close cooperation with the client, we built a system that fitted their needs perfectly. We can do this for you too - Simpleway is a powerful platform that has flexibility baked into it. See the client's video tour of the new solution here: