Calgary International Airport (YYC)

The new “Call-to-Gate” boarding system required the careful coordination of automated announcements to make for an efficient boarding process.

Simpleway’s Gate User Interface client was installed in all 90 gates, thereby giving the operators the option to choose an airline and have a customised pre-recorded announcement for each stage of the boarding process. The capability to change variable parts in each announcement provides the possibility to support the flow of passengers according to the actual situation. The solution was implemented with QSC hardware, QSC Audio & a Q-Sys platform. Furthermore, we have provided a text to speech library to Calgary Airport, with 25 different languages available for there use.

Following implementation of the Simpleway system, Calgary International Airport noted a better travel experience, particularly for international travellers, with announcements being made in English, French and Mandarin. Moreover, the new Simpleway system also allowed gate agents to manage display content and visual paging more effectively thanks to the FIDS integration.