Iberia - Madrid-Barajas Airport T4 (MAD)

Simpleway began its relationship with Iberia in 2015 by providing automated boarding announcements and courtesy messages in the open-space boarding lounges in Madrid. Here, a unique integration of sound was used in the T4 terminal to give only local announcements at gates (which Simpleway provides in four languages). The system was integrated into airports PA system directly at gate level. This integration was made with Iberian and AENA (airport) support.

Ibearia uses its own branded and customised Gate User Interface to support the handling operators, thereby reducing boarding times and increasing the capabilities of the operators. Iberia also uses Simpleway’s Baggage UI to provide accurate information for arriving passengers as well.

The quality of service provided by Simpleway at Madrid, and the increase in operational efficiency that our system gave, was rewarded by Iberia when it asked Simpleway to extend its service to Menorca Airport and Palma de Mallorca Airport in 2017. Madrid also extended its Simpleway paging system in Madrid to cover additional gates and VIP lounges.