Lucknow Metro

Like Kochi Metro, which also uses Simpleway solution, this is also a new, purpose-built metro system serving the city of Lucknow in India. The client required both automated voice announcements in two languages Hindi and English, and automated passenger information display screens (PIDS) content management for 22 stations of the first construction phase. Simpleway was happy to provide both as an all-in-one package meant there was no need to integrate two independent display and voice systems.

To achieve this, the Simpleway solution integrated with Alstom TC&S system for receiving localised data for every train at every station. Visual information is provided by our partner DMS Displays (more than 100 LED matrix panels and LCD displays), while our voice system integrated with the Bosch Praesidio PA infrastructure.

We provided a system built on a centralised redundant server architecture. This sees the single server-single system operate all display screens and audio announcements simultaneously, with control from a unified graphical user interface according to the needs of local operators.